• Prof. Erwu Liu, Tongji University (email:
  • Prof. Pan Hui, University of Helsinki (email:
  • Dr. Zhengqing Zhang, Tongji University (email:

Track information

We have witnessed the popularity and development of blockchain techniques. Changes brought by blockchain influence different networking systems including finance, supply chains, IoT, etc.. In the meantime, many open issues and challenges are still unsolved for both the theoretic
design and application of blockchain.

This track serves to promote communications and discussions identifying the advanced applications, technologies and theories for blockchain. We seek papers that invent novel techniques, investigate new applications, report fundamental research results, introduce advanced methodologies, propose promising research directions and discuss approaches for unsolved issues. Research papers and review ones are both welcome.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Blockchain architectures, models, and protocols
  • Blockchain tools, platforms, methods, and workflows
  • Consensus algorithms
  • Decentralised algorithms
  • Encryption algorithms
  • Scalability, interoperability and fault tolerance mechanisms
  • Security, Privacy, Identity, Anonymity, Trust, Confidentiality, and Forensics
  • Robustness, Reliability, Efficiency, and Fairness issues
  • Accountability, Information disclosure and Integrity issues
  • Performance evaluation, analysis and optimization
  • Decentralised APPlications (DAPPs)
  • Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain + Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain + Network Science
  • Blockchain + 5G/6G/Internet of Things (IoT)/Internet of Vehicles (IoV)

Submission link:

Submission Deadline: September 23, 2020

Accepted papers will be fast-tracked to IET Blockchain (to be launched in Sept. 2020, by IET).