CIS 4930/6930: Social Network Computing
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Group Information:
Group No Group Members Topic Date Slide
1 Amlan Pradhan,
Abhinav Rungta,
Yingfei Xiang,
Yining Zhou
Maximizing Product Adoption 10/05/2015 (1) Cost-effective Outbreak Detection in Networks, KDD, 2008 [Slide]
2 Ashish Aggarwal,
Vikram Khurana,
Kaidi Xu,
He Zhao
Implications of Web Fingerprinting on Privacy and Security in OSN 10/07/2015 (1) Enquiring Minds: Early Detection of Rumors in Social Media from Enquiry Posts WWW 2015 [Slide]
3 Kannabiran Maheswaran,
Shreyashi Sharma,
Aniruddhan Tirupathiashok
Identifying Botnets in OSN 10/09/2015 (1) SybilDefender: Defend Against Sybil Attacks in Large Social Networks INFOCOM 2012 [Slide]
4 Piyush Agade,
Aman Chanana,
Maithili Gokhale,
Swati Sisodia
Viral Marketing Influence Propagation - Interactive Application 10/12/2015 (1) Uncovering Social Network Sybils in the Wild - ACM Transactions [Slide]
5 Hetong Li,
Jiayong Li,
Yao Lin
Potential Hand-Shaking Marketing Posts Detection in Weibo 10/14/2015 (1) Intrusion as (Anti)social Communication: Characterization and Detection KDD 2012 [Slide]
6 Aaron Marquez,
Chancellor Shafor,
Nicole Shiver,
Benjamin Woodruff
Use of community structure in garbage collection in Python 10/16/2015 (1) De-anonymizing social networks, 2009 30th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy [Slide]
7 Bishal Gautam,
Gengyu Liu,
Aravind Sunderrajan,
Shuyang Wu
Community Detection Algorithms - Interactive Application 10/19/2015 (1) A practical attack to de-anonymize social network users, 2010 IEEE [Slide]
8 Ameya Chikodi,
Divya Chopra,
Ninad Mundalik
Personalizing search results according to user's in-group modelling based on Community Structures 10/21/2015 (1) Spread of epidemic disease on networks, PHYSICAL REVIEW E [Slide]
9 Joshua Hammock,
Mary Hanvey,
Ryan Lieblein,
Lauren Thomas
Security and Privacy in 3rd-party applications in OSNs 10/23/2015 (1) Maximizing the Spread of Influence through a Social Network, KDD 2003 [Slide]
10 Kevin Huynh,
Clayton Schnars,
Rahul Mehta,
Sahil Pratap
Dark Web network: Information diffusion 10/26/2015 (1) The dynamics of viral marketing - ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB) 2007 [Slide]
11 Rahul Bobhate,
Ayushi Jain,
Natasha Mandal,
Ankur Sachdeva
Predicting individual mental health quotient using social network profile analysis 10/28/2015 (1) Least Cost Influence in Multiplex Social Networks: Model Representation and Analysis ICDM 2013 [Slide]
12 Salim Chaouqi,
Haralambos Gogonis,
Dylan Richardson
Spread of Misinformation in OSN 10/30/2015 (1) Global Diffusion via Cascading Invitations: Structure, Growth, and Homophily, WWW 2015
13 Kedar Amrolkar,
Hamza Karachiwala,
Mickey Vellukunnel
Social Footprints - A Comprehensive Analysis 11/20/2015 (1) Can cascades be predicted? WWW 2014
14 Radhika Desai,
Sunil Kumar,
Dhruv Mahajan,
Swarnagauri Tonse
Samaritan: Identifying Potential Security threats in network communities 11/23/2015 (1) The link-prediction problem for social networks, Journal of the American society for information science and technology 2007
16 Arnav Bhartiya,
Shantanu Godbole,
Rohan Pansare,
Mukesh Prasad
Optimizing Community Detection Algorithms for Large Scale Networks 11/30/2015 (1) Exploiting place features in link prediction on location-based social networks, ACM SIGKDD 2011
17 Man Devineni,
Pranav Ravichandran,
Ashwin Sethu Baskaran,
Suhas Tumkur Chandrashekhara
Analyzing the Wikipedia 12/02/2015 (1) Containment of Misinformation Spread in Online Social Networks, ACM Web Science Conferene 2012
18 Md Alim,
Xiang Li,
Tianyi Pan
Network resilience in Interdependent D2D networks 10/02/2015 (1) Homing Socialbots: Intrusion on a specific organization's employee using Socialbots 2013
(2) Getting In Bed with Robin Sage 2010
(3) Integro: Leveraging victim prediction for robust fake account detection in OSNs 2015
19 Ramiya Dash,
Alok Sharma,
David Yienger
Finding the source of infection in OSN 12/04/2015 (1) Monitor Placement to Timely Detect Misinformation in Online Social Networks, ICC 2015
20 Shuai Wu,
Huiling Zhang
Limiting misinformation with external resources 09/30/2015 (1) CopyCatch: Stopping Group Attacks by Spotting Lockstep Behavior in Social Networks WWW 2013 [Slide]
CIS 4930/6930: Social Networks Computing