CIS 4930/6930: Social Network Computing
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Timeline Dates
No classes Sept 7, Nov 6, Nov 11, Nov 25-27
Groups are formed Sept 4
Project proposals are due Sept 18 Sept 23
Home Work 1 (Out) Sept 21 . (Due) Oct 5
Midterm due Oct 16 Oct 30
Project Presentations Oct 19 - 23 Nov 2 - 18
Home Work 2 (Out) Nov 2 . (Due) Nov 16
Final Report Dec 9 Email to & before midnight
Classes End Dec 9
  1. Papers on the Community Structure Topics:
    • Community Detection in graphs , Santo Fortunato, Physics Reports [PDF]
    • All Who Wander: On the Prevalence and Characteristics of Multi-community Engagement Chenhao Tan, Lillian Lee (WWW 2015) [PDF]
    • Uncovering the Small Community Structure in Large Networks: A Local Spectral Approach, Yixuan Li, Kun He, David Bindel, John E. Hopcroft (WWW 2015) [PDF]
    • Finding statistically significant communities in networks, A. Lancichinetti, F. Radicchi, J.J. Ramasco and S. Fortunato [PDF]
    • A Near-optimal Adaptive Algorithm for Maximizing Modularity in Dynamic Scale-free Networks, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization T. N. Dinh, N. P. Nguyen, M. A. Alim, and M. T. Thai, (JOCO 2013)[PDF]
    • Overlapping Community Detection Using Seed Set Expansion Joyce Jiyoung Whang, David F. Gleich, Inderjit S. Dhillon (CIKM 2013)[PDF]
    • Community Membership Identification from Small Seed Sets Isabel M. Kloumann, Jon M. Kleinberg (KDD 2014)[PDF]
    • Community Detection in Graphs through Correlation Lian Duan, W. Nick Street, Yanchi Liu, Haibing Lu (KDD 2014)[PDF]
    • On the Permanence of Vertices in Network Communities Tanmoy Chakraborty, Sriram Srinivasan, Niloy Ganguly, Animesh Mukherjee, Sanjukta Bhowmick (KDD 2014)[PDF ]
    • The Social World of Content Abusers in Community Question Answering , Y.-R. Lin, Y. Chi, S. Zhu, H. Sundaram, and B. L. Tseng, (WWW 2008) [PDF]
    • Graphscope: A parameter-free mining of large time-evolving graphs, J. Sun, C. Faloutsos, S. Papadimitriou, and P. S. Yu, (KDD 2007) [PDF]
    • Community Structure in Time-Dependent, Multiscale, and Multiplex Networks, P. J. Mucha, T. Richardson, K. Macon, M. A. Porter, and J.-P. Onnela, (Science 2010) [PDF]
    • Discovering Network Structure Beyond Communities, T. Nishikawa and A. E. Motter, (Nature 2011) [PDF]
    • A markov random walk under constraint for discovering overlapping communities in complex networks, D. Yin, B. Yang, C. Baquero, D. Liu, D. He, and J. Liu, (J. STATE MECH 2011) [PDF]
    • Community Discovery and Profiling with Social Messages, W. Zhou, H. Jin, and Y. Liu, (KDD 2012) [PDF]
    • Vertex neighborhoods, low conductance cuts, and good seeds for local community methods, D. Gleich and C. Seshadhri (KDD 2012) [PDF]
    • Community Detection in Dynamic Social Networks: A Random Walk Approach, L.-C. Huang, T.-J. Yen, and S. T. Chou (ASONAM 2011) [PDF]
    • Community Detection in Incomplete Information Networks, W. Lin et. al (WWW 2012) [PDF]
    • Using Content and Interactions for Discovering Communities in Social Networks, M. Sachan, D. Contractor, T. Faruquie, and L. V. Subramaniam (WWW 2012) [PDF]
    • Multi-attribute graphs
      • [Survey] Clustering attributed graphs: models, measures and methods Cecile Bothorel, Juan David Cruz, Matteo Magnani, Barbora Micenkova (Network Science 2015) [PDF ]
      • Community Detection in Networks with Node Attributes Jaewon Yang, Julian McAuley, Jure Leskovec (ICDM 2013) [PDF ]
      • Overlapping Communities Explain Core - Periphery Organization of Networks Jaewon Yang, Jure Leskovec (Proceedings of IEEE 2014) [PDF ]
      • Clustering attributed graphs: Models, measures and methods Cecile Bothorel, Juan David Cruz, Mattei Magnani and Barbora Micenkova (Network Science Journal 2015) [PDF ]
  2. Privacy and Security
    • A Survey on Privacy and Security in Online Social Networks ACM Computing Surveys 2015 [PDF ]
    • Uncovering Social Network Sybils in the Wild ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data 2014 [PDF ]
    • Game Theory Meets Network Security and Privacy ACM Computing Surveys 2013 [PDF ]
    • CopyCatch: Stopping Group Attacks by Spotting Lockstep Behavior in Social Networks WWW 2013 [PDF ]
    • Intrusion as (Anti)social Communication: Characterization and Detection KDD 2012 [PDF ]
    • SybilDefender: Defend Against Sybil Attacks in Large Social Networks INFOCOM 2012 [PDF ]
    • Enquiring Minds: Early Detection of Rumors in Social Media from Enquiry Posts WWW 2015 [PDF ]
    • Collective Spammer Detection in Evolving Multi-Relational Social Networks KDD 2015 [PDF ]
    • Outsourcing Privacy-Preserving Social Networks to a Cloud INFOCOM 2013 [PDF ]
    • Mosaic: Quantifying privacy leakage in mobile networks SIGCOM13 [PDF ]
    • Near-pri: Private, proximity based location sharing INFOCOM14 [PDF ]
    • Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing Based on Utility Specification SocialCom13 [PDF ]
    • Towards detecting anomalous user behavior in online social networks USENIX Security14 [PDF ]
    • Private Release of Graph Statistics using Ladder Functions SIGMOD '15 [PDF ]
    • Characterizing privacy leakage of public WiFi networks for users on travel INFOCOM 2013 [PDF ]
    • Community-Based Features for Identifying Spammers in Online Social Networks ASONAM13 [PDF ]
    • The Walls Have Ears: Optimize Sharing for Visibility and Privacy in Online Social Networks, T. N. Dinh, Y. Shen, and M. T. Thai, in Proceedings of ACM Int Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), 2012. [PDF ]
    • , Containment of Misinformation Spread in Online Social Networks, N. P. Nguyen, G. Yan, M. T. Thai, and S. Eidenbenz in Proceedings of ACM Web Science (WebSci), 2012
    • Monitor Placement to Timely Detect Misinformation in Online Social Networks H Zhang, M. Alim, M. Thai, and H. Nguyen in Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2015
    • Cost-effective Outbreak Detection in Networks KDD, 2008
CIS 4930/6930: Social Network Computing