Information Leakage in Online Social Networks

As an imperative channel for rapid information propagation, OSNs also have their disruptive effects. One of them is the leakage of information, i.e., information could be spread via OSNs to the users whom we may not willing to share with. Thus the problem of constructing a circle of trust to share the information with as many friends as possible without further spreading it to unwanted users has become a challenging research topic recently. Our work is the first attempt to study the Maximum Circle of Trust problem which seek for a close set of friends such that the chance for information spread out to the unwanted users is the smallest. We propose a Fully Polynomial-Time Approximation Scheme (FPTAS)


  • Develop and justify leakage models in online social networks
  • Devise scalable and efficient methods to construct circles of trust for smart sharing on the fly, given the unwanted targets