Dissemination and Talks

Invited Talks

  1. "IoT-driven Cyber-Physical Ecosystems: Beyond Smart Cities and Security", Keynote at workshop on Cyber-Physical System, Korea, Sept 2017
  2. "Mining in Online Social Networks: Dynamic Sampling and Adaptive Learning", Keynote at MOD, Italy, Sept 2017
  3. "Identifying Critical Nodes in Interdependent Networks with Cascading Failures", University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, Mar 2017
  4. "Cyber-security in Social-Enabled Smart Grids", Korea University, Aug 2015


  1. IEEE 49th North American Power Symposium, Morgantown, WV, Sept 2017
  2. ACM SIGMETRICS 2017, Urbana-Champaign, IL, May 2017
  3. INFORMS Annual Meeting 2016, Nashville, TN, Nov 2016
  4. IEEE PES-GM, Boston, MA, July 2016
  5. IEEE INFOCOM 2016, San Francisco, CA, Apr 2016
  6. INSNA 2016, Newport Beach, CA, Apr 2016
  7. SoutheastCon, Norfolk, VA, Apr 2016
  8. SfAA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, Mar 2016
  9. Transportation Research Board 95th Annual Meeting, Washington DC, Jan 2016
  10. COCOA 2015, Houston, TX, Dec 2015
  11. INFORMS Annual Meeting 2015, Philadelphia, PA, Nov 2015
  12. IEEE INFOCOM 2015, Hong Kong, China, Apr 2015


  1. Dr. Thai and her colleague (Arun Sen from Arizona State University) successfully orgainzed the Workshop on Critical Infrastructure Network Security (CINS) as part of ACM SIGMETRICS 2017 in Urbana-Champaign, IL. The CINS workshop is also planned for SIGMETRICS 2018.
  2. Dr. Yin and his colleague (Marco Nie from Northwestern) successfully organized two special sessions on Modeling and Analysis of Innovative Mobility Services at the 2016 Institute for Operations Research and the Management Science (INFORMS) Annual Meeting. Another three sessions have been planned at the 2017 INFORMS Annual Meeting.